Next generation software for scaling technology events.

We build beautiful, experience-focused web & mobile applications for event marketing, admin automation, and stakeholder management so you can focus on running your event - live at Techsauce

The Future Assembly platform was originally built for an emerging technology festival in Melbourne, Australia. We focussed on automating all event logistics from self-managed speaker profiles to automated schedules. Book a demo with us to find out more.

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Our customer focus.

We focus on high quality delivery and our small team are highly invested in the performance of your event. Consequently, we prefer to work with only a handful of events each year.

We currently work with technology events across the APAC region. We have successfully deployed the software in Australia and Thailand and are seeking more opportunities. We'd love to support your event - reach out to have a chat and get a live demo.

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Integration partners.

We work with leading technology vendors to ensure your event runs smoothly. Payment merchants, ticketing providers, customer support, analytics, ad services and many more.

Our software is extensible, meaning we can integrate with all of your preferred third vendors so you don't have to compromise on your event management setup. Instead we do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on running the event.

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